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Release Notes

Release 4.6

Release Date: 2022-04-19, Last Updated: 2022-07-19

  • Mobile SDK restructuring
    • CoreApi: Modulorized and unified Android/iOS interfaces
    • Routing: Refactored for a more intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Location positioning enhancements
    • Improved outdoor-indoor transition smoothness
    • Improved blue dot stability
    • Improvements to on-the-fly self-learning
  • Improved wayfinding route generation (~4x faster)
  • Alerts: Scheduled and emergency
    • Firebase notification support for emergency alerts
    • Ability to view/navigate to designated safe areas
  • Map overlays
    • Support for customizable overlays with dynamic zooming
  • Deeplinks
    • Support for deeplink-based routing, feed, map, open app, etc.
  • Minor bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Release 4.5

Release Date: 2021-11-12, Last Updated: 2022-03-24

  • Enhancements in accuracy and robustness of user position
  • Support for Alerts
    • Dynamic routing based on real-time updates
    • UI/UX for displaying Alerts
  • Unified UI/UX for in-app notifications (i.e., Notify, Alerts)
  • Minor bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Release 4.3

Release Date: 2021-04-16, Last Updated: 2021-09-25

  • Improved UI design/layouts (e.g., recents, favourites, enhanced search)
  • Enhanced UI/UX for multi-building properties
  • Enhanced support for mobile analytics
  • New assisted positioning with enhanced real-time accuracy for a better user experience
  • Improved location marketing experience
  • Minor bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Release 4.2

Release Date: 2021-01-15, Last Updated: 2021-03-25

  • Improved map rendering, logos, and text
  • More reliable user position and heading estimates
  • Enhanced data synchronization:
    • Manage CMS engine
    • Notify CMS engine
  • Minor bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Release 4.1

Release Date: 2020-10-13, Last Updated: 2020-12-20

  • Various enhancements to core data fusion which provides more reliable user position estimates
  • Various performance enhancements to provide a more accurate, smooth UI/UX while in routing mode
  • Enhancements to UI/UX while transitions are in progress
  • Introduced Wayfinding mode for offering position-based real-time turn-by-turn navigation/wayfinding in uncalibrated properties

Release 4.0

Release Date: 2020-08-31, Last Updated: 2020-09-11

  • Significant architectural restructuring within our SDK to avoid situations where singleton classes were sometimes not garbage collected
  • Enhanced mobile analytics
  • Various perfromance enhancements, stability improvements, and bug fixes
  • Ability to programmatically add and provide wayfinding to custom POIs (e.g., products, items, temporary POIs)
  • Enhanced map rendering capabilities to support more dynamic map styling, including dynamic fading
  • Added ability to toggle between different colour schemes and 2D/3D indoor maps
  • Added optional voice guidance while in navigation mode

Release 3.7

Release Date: 2020-04-08, Last Updated: 2020-08-07

  • Significant map rendering enhancements to speed up application memory usage and latency when panning, zooming, and rotating the map
  • Reusable UI components and the ability to add UI elements to the map view
  • Additional map styling customization options
  • Basemap style customization
  • Ability to restrict pan and zoom bounds

Release 3.6

Release Date: 2020-01-16, Last Updated: 2020-02-28

  • Improved data compression savings of up to 20% for some key data structures
  • Substantial reduction in total map data download sizes and times
  • Various runtime memory usage enhancements
  • Performance improvements to the icon rendering process on map
  • Additional aggressive polygon simplification to improve map rendering based on zoom-level
  • Adjusted usage of spatial indices (KD tree) to improve map rendering for floor plans with +1000 polygons, polylines, and points
  • Improved accuracy of click listeners when using 3D polygons with camera tilt
  • Better handling of internet toggling on/off while downloading map data
  • Improvements in run-time processing of multi-building routes
  • Accessibility enhancements for multi-building routing

Release 3.5

Release Date: 2019-12-11, Last Updated: 2020-01-07

  • Addition of entity CategoryTags, allowing for multiple entities to be located in multiple categories at the same time
  • Removal of entity keywords (replaced by categoryTags)

Release 3.4

Release Date: 2019-09-27, Last Updated: 2019-11-02

  • Reduction of property and building data download sizes by approximately 50%
  • Addition of mobile analytics
  • Addition of marketing triggers (location, user behaviour, historic behaviour, demographic) and events
  • Property routing enhancements and bug fixes
  • Addition of 3D polygon support

Release 3.3

Release Date: 2019-06-19, Last Updated: 2019-08-16

  • Performance enhancements for Android v9+
  • Various positioning accuracy and stability enhancements
  • Addition of category tree and subcategories for easy filtering
  • Floor detection robustness improvements
  • Refactored routing logic to use ISearchable interface to allow for routing to arbitrary locations
  • Additional per-building parameter customization to improve UX
  • Various stability enhancements

Release 3.2

Release Date: 2019-04-08, Last Updated: 2019-06-02

  • Improved wayfinding instructions
  • Improved run-time processing for multi-destination routing
  • Better handling of Android v9+ Wi-Fi throttling
  • Improved handling of analytics data transfer to server when internet connection is interrupted
  • Several runtime optimizations
  • Improved local database storage scheme to improve saving/loading efficiency

Release 3.1

Release Date: 2019-03-07, Last Updated: 2019-05-15

  • Improved UX when transitioning between buildings within the same property
  • Improved floor detection for iOS
  • Minor synchronization issue fixes for downloading multiple properties simultaneously
  • Runtime improvements to user position initialization
  • Fixes for occasional issue with processing being suspended in background mode on iOS
  • Resource imports optimized resulting in ~5% SDK size reduction for both Android and iOS

Release 3.0

Release Date: 2019-01-30, Last Updated: 2019-02-14

  • Significant UI/UX overhaul for map and map UI modules
  • Addition of properties to establish linkages between buildings
  • Basic support for multi-building properties
  • Improved iOS accuracy