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Release Notes

Release 5.2.0-rc-1

Release Date: 2022-04-21

Note: This is currently being released as a beta / release candidate. It contains various known issues which will be addressed prior to an official release.

This version is a major update and brings several new features, major performance improvements, and lots of fixes. For full details, please see the 5.+ migration guide.

Key Highlights
  • sdk-core restructure to allow for separate initialization and start/stopping of location services
  • sdk-map restructure to be more modular
  • sdk-map-ui restructure to be more modular
New Features
  • CoreParams added for customization of sdk-core initialization
  • Map styles and theme customization (e.g., colour schemes) via Manage CMS
  • Enhancements in blue dot accuracy and reliability
  • Enhanced map overlay support, enabling more dynamic zoom-based styling
  • Added additional support for Mapsted UI style/theme customization
  • Added additional support for parsing and processing deeplink data within Mapsted SDK
  • sdk-core requires explicit calls to start location services (coreApi.setup().startLocationServices(...))
  • CustomParams and CustomMapParams must now be supplied for initialization
  • MapstedSdkController renamed to MapstedMapUiApi
  • Removed various singleton instances
  • BearingCallback replaced with separate callbacks for PhoneHeading, UserHeading, and FusedHeading (coreApi.heading())
  • Added ability to programatically enable/disable snapping of blue dot to route path (coreApi.location().enableSnapBlueDotToRoute(...))

Release 4.6

Release Date: 2022-04-19, Last Updated: 2023-04-21

  • Mobile SDK restructuring
    • CoreApi: Modulorized and unified Android/iOS interfaces
    • MapApi: Modulorized (Android)
    • Routing: Refactored for a more intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Location positioning enhancements
    • Improved outdoor-indoor transition smoothness
    • Improved blue dot stability
    • Improvements to on-the-fly self-learning
  • Improved wayfinding route generation (~4x faster)
  • Geofence:
  • Introduced sdk-geofence and sdk-geofence-offline
  • Allows for programmatic geofence creation/triggers/listeners
  • Alerts: Scheduled and emergency
    • Firebase notification support for emergency alerts
    • Ability to view/navigate to designated safe areas
  • Map overlays
    • Support for customizable overlays with dynamic zooming
  • Deeplinks
    • Support for deeplink-based routing, feed, map, open app, etc.
  • Enhanced real-time positioning support for lower-end devices
  • Minor bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements